Our Process

We support your in-house estimators by carrying out electrical estimates on your company's behalf during periods of peak demand, staff shortages or simply to increase your tender output, helping you to win more work.

Our standard estimating process is:

You send us the tender package

We evaluate the drawings & specifications, and issue any RFIs

We conduct take-offs and collect supplier/sub-contractor quotes

We input materials, labour and quotes into our estimating software

We write up any clarifications or qualifications to be submitted with the tender

We carry out an estimate review with you and add your required margins

You receive the completed estimate back along with the accompanying notes

The process at Surge Electrical Estimating

We ensure that it is your unique estimate, by:

  • Compiling the estimate using your wholesaler discounts and preferred sub-contractors
  • Inputting your own labour times if you wish these to be used instead of industry standard ones
  • Carrying out an estimate review with you before the estimate is finalised
  • Enabling you to set your own margins upon completion of the estimate



We use the SEC Cypher1 estimating software to compile all estimates. This links in with an electrical materials database to ensure we continually have access to the most up to date industry products and trade prices.

If your in-house estimating team also uses the Cypher1 software then we can send you a file upon completion of the estimate to import straight into your own software. However, if you use a different system then this is not a problem, we will forward you the full details of the estimate in a different format such as PDF or Excel, from which you will still be able to see how the estimate is built up including all material costs, discounts and labour times. We can make any alterations you require quickly and efficiently in-house at your request.



We operate a simple and transparent fee structure where we only charge for the number of hours spent on an estimate. We will also provide you with a guide to the length of time we believe an estimate will take to compile before you place an order with us.

We charge a very competitive hourly rate which is designed to be similar to that of an in-house estimator, and our clients also praise us for being particularly quick and efficient. Please contact us for further details.



How do we get the tender drawings and information to you?

Simply forward the drawings and information to us via e-mail or send us a link from which we can download them. We have a large format drawing plotter in our offices and will therefore take care of any required printing in-house. Alternatively, you can post the documents to us if you only have them available in hard copy.

How do you cost the materials and labour?

After the take-offs have been done from the information provided, we start to compile the estimate. We use a large database of electrical materials, which contains details for over 500,000 individual items and is updated on a weekly basis, to obtain trade prices. We then apply relevant discounts to these trade prices according to market knowledge and your own wholesaler terms where available.
Labour times are calculated using a combination of industry standard fit times, and our electrical engineers’ own experience and knowledge. We then apply your relevant hourly rate to achieve the labour cost for the estimate.

Will we get to review the estimate?

Absolutely. Once we have compiled the estimate we will arrange a convenient time to review it with you, either in person or over the phone.
During the review we will discuss the project in general, any particular quirks or areas to be aware of, how we have built it up, any specific qualifications we have had to make, what preliminaries we suggest, and finally what mark-up percentages you require. Following the review, we will make any amendments to the estimate you require, and then once you are happy with it we will forward the final completed version to you. The final version is sent to you complete with the tender summary filled out and relevant tender notes and qualifications typed up.

Do you do site visits?

If, due to the nature of the project a site visit is required, at the stage of compiling an estimate then we are able to do this on your behalf, subject to engineer availability. For site visits we simply charge our standard hourly rate plus any mileage and expenses.

Can you meet our tender deadline?

We always ask clients to provide us with as much notice as possible of an estimate they require compiling, however, we can often accommodate short-notice tender deadlines as well. Please send us the tender information with your required return date, and we will get back to you straight away to confirm.


We can also provide these services along side our Tender Support services